EP 03: Heath Thorpe

“Pressure is a privilege.”

How will you let your pursuits define you?
What will they remember about you when you’re gone?

Heath Thorpe sees gymnastics as a platform for expression and an opportunity to make his mark and define his legacy.

At 22 years of age, Heath has already represented his country in the sport. Balancing studies at university and his athletic career, Heath challenges norms in his sport and continues to define himself as an individual; seperate and free from any organisation or stereotypes.

“One of the things I’m known for is being one of the openly queer athletes in the sport and challenging the norms that have been there for many years. Just by showing up I can affect change that’s going to help younger generations come through.”

In 2022 Heath submitted a request to the International Gymnastics Federation in to allow leaps to be added to the Code of Points for Men’s Artistic Gymnastics.

“When I walk away from the sport I want to know that I’ve made gymnastics a better place.”

Heath continues to push his performance and challenge perceptions as an individual.

“I believe that pressure is a privilege. It can either make or break an athlete, and what I try and do is lean into it and help it elevate my performances.”

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