EP 04: Rogan Dean

The goal doesn’t change just the challenges in the way….

In 2020 Rogan Dean was hit by a car whilst riding his motorcycle, his left foot was crushed and severed. Although the accident physically changed him, looking onward to his future accomplishments in the sport of CrossFit, it has only made him stronger.

“My whole goal has always been to be the best I physically can, that didn’t change after the accident.”

Coming from a career in Rugby League before his accident, Rogan was initially drawn to CrossFit for it’s ability to test you as complete athlete with an aptitude and dedication to multiple disciplines.
Rogan’s tenacity to achieve new personal bests and break beyond the limitations imposed on him by outsiders is inspiring for any fitness based community.

“No matter how bad you think you’ve got it, there’s somebody out there that would give their best day for your worst day.”

Embodying the core of what it means to strive be 1% Better Everyday, Rogan recently placed 2nd at the CrossFit Games 2022 in the Adaptive Division Mens Lower Extremity.

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